Mind Body Spirit Integration

Transform Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life



This holistic educational approach to health is meant to complement traditional
western allopathic medical treatment.  By exploring and resolving the underlying
emotional causes of physical symptoms, health can be restored.

 For educational information:
Tune into my videos "For Your Health" on You Tube, River Valley Holistic Channel

*Are you in pain?
*Do you have an illness or injury that causes pain?
*Are you anxiously facing surgery and healing?
*Do you have bothersome thoughts that you'd like removed?
*Do you have allergies that make you feel miserable?
*Do you have a child who's having difficulty in school?
*Are you ready to live mindfully and take action to create the life you want to live?
*think thoughts that serve your highest good?
*find the passion in your life?
*connect with positive people?
*focus on the opportunities that surround you?
*apply your life lessons to move you forward?
*improve your performance?

Brain Gym®, EFT, Reflex Integration, Touch for Health and other balance techniques
help our mind, body and spirit remove blockages in our system so that we can function
at our full potential; feeling good and effortlessly moving forward in life. 

By identifying what the system needs to re-balance itself and performing the
five-step balance process, we can relieve pain and re-pattern conditions that cause us
difficulties to allowing life to be full, enjoyable and easy. 

In addition to identifying and walking you through the needed balance, I also teach you
to use simple, efficient movement techniques to use on your own to reduce stress and
feel good.  When we feel good, we are functioning with our whole system; and we feel
confident in thought, comfortable physically, and peaceful within.

Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation/
Brain Gym International." and can be reached at www.braingym.org 

 Call or email me for more information or inquiries about the balance process.
              Telephone consultations available; please inquire.

                                         Joni Polehna, B.A.
                 Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant
                  Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
                   5995 Oren Avenue, Stillwater, MN   55082

   I am a founding member of the St. Croix River Valley Holistic Practitioners


 *I have taught introductory Brain Gym(R) classes through Community Education in
     Stillwater and North St. Paul.
 *Introductory presentations are available for groups and conferences.
    I have presented to Target Corporation; Mn Elem. School Principals' Assoc.; the Mn Assoc.
    of Administrators of State and Fed. Education Programs'; elementary and 
    high-school teachers and counselors; MN Retired Educators; volunteer, senior and faith groups.
  *Balance sessions are appropriate for individuals, teams working toward a
    common goal and small groups focused on the same issue.                      
  *Group transformation sessions are available for groups.                                                                
***All sessions are strictly confidential 

      "Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul,
                  Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."
                                                                    --Pamela Vaull Starr






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