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About Us

Joni Polehna is married and the mother of two grown sons.  She has always had a passion for growth.  As an avid gardener, the garden represents to her our important connection to our earth and universe and, thus, our Creator, God.

She began studying Brain Gym® to help her father deal with Alzheimer's disease and has been so grateful that he led her to this remarkable preventative and personal-growth work.

Her goal is to disseminate this awesome movement-education information to the public so that everyone interested can learn to take charge of his or her own health and well-being.

When we take charge of our own well-being, we give off positive energy.  That positive energy draws positive energy back to us promoting happier, healthier individuals contributing to happier, healthier communities...and world. 

Life needs balance.  A lifestyle, learning block, traumatic event, unresolved conflict or belief we hold can upset our balance and block our ability to function at our optimal level. 

When we release that block and open our energy, we become healthier, more vibrant individuals and communities.  Healthy people make up healthy communities.  Healthy communities promote peace in the world.

My hope is for peace to be yours.

Create PEACE in the WORLD.  Take a vow to think, speak and act in a peaceful manner with Deepak Chopra at:  www.itakethevow.com

*Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant, Brain Gym® 101 Educator, 2005
  Since 2002, have completed over 400 hours of coursework.
*Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for 30 years in mental health; 10 years
  in hospital settings and 20 years in community settings with adolescents and adults.
*Hand In Hand ARMHS, Inc., 2003-2006, developed this business to help 
  persons with schizophrenia, depression and manic-depression live productively in
  their own communities.
*Winona State University, B.A in Therapeutic Recreation, 1976.
*Community Ed. Advisory Council, Dist. 834, Stillwater 1986-2012
*Washington County Public Health Advisory Commission 1995-2003

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