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Balance Process

So what is a balance? 

When we experience stressful situations, traumatic moments or memories of them we can disturb the balance of our mind, body and spirit system.  The somatic response—that uncomfortable feeling/response that you get somewhere in your body—blocks our natural energy and limits our ability to live life and perform at our best.

A balance opens up that blocked energy and releases the old physical memory that is stored in our system.  We will remember the situation, but no longer have the physical (somatic) response when thinking about it.  When we release that response, our natural energy flows freely once again.

**Here's an account from a whole family who balanced to release limiting beliefs and opened their energy allowing them to hold firmly to their intentions to manifest the following: 

“Miracles do indeed happen; (after nearly a year of  financial panic) our mortgage company CONTACTED US about a government program and has totally forgiven our second mortgage - $180,000.00. Now I know why our house didn’t sell last year. Our son has held his intention of wanting to attend West Point for several years, and just received word that our Senator has recommended him as one of her 3 military school appointments to award for the whole state…and if that doesn’t work, he has an ROTC full scholarship awaiting him at St. Thomas.  My husband found an IRA he had forgotten about—was able to purchase a needed new car. Installing a new shop cart on our business website has helped me pay off a $10,000 business loan, and the weight lifted from my shoulders.  I continue to do my “happy dance” regularly, and it brings me more reasons to be happy! I AM SO GRATEFUL.”   Sara, Stillwater, MN

 The five steps of a balance are:

1.  We get into your natural PACE for learning (stands for positive, active, clear and energetic) by performing four simple movements from Brain Gym®.  PACE relaxes our system so we are ready for new learning.

2.  We set a goal based on what it is you want to have happen for yourself and in your system.  We make sure it is positive, active, clear and energetic.

3.  We have you think about the difficult situation and notice the response you feel within your body.

4.  We have you notice or use muscle testing to find out what movement techniques your system desires to accomplish the stated goal.  We perform the movements or techniques together.

5.  We have you re-evaluate the somatic response you now feel within your system when you think about the situation from step 3.  If your response is gone, the balance is complete.  If not, we continue to ask your system what else it needs in order to release the emotion and we continue to perform what your system identifies as being needed until the emotional response is eliminated.

There are times when your system may desire some continued movements after the balance is over to help you integrate the new learning.  We call this homeplay as it aligns more with “play” than “work.”

Do you have an issue/situation that is keeping you from being the best version of yourself you can be or living the life you want to live?

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