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Presentations/Course Offerings

Presentations/Course Offerings
In addition to helping individuals, couples and families align their mind, body and spirit for improved health and goal attainment, Joni presents the following courses to groups, organizations, schools, businesses and corporations. The information is presented in a light-hearted and interactive manner that encourages individuals to take charge of their own health and wellness.

                                    GROUP SESSIONS
"Transform your thoughts; Transform your life
     This session is available for your group of 6 or more, at my office or your space             

Agenda  Bring a belief, worry, uncomfortable memory, or performance issue you would like to feel better about. You can keep it private. We'll work through one issue as a group and everyone will "borrow benefits" to resolve their own issue. If you're interested in how Transforming your Thoughts Transforms your Life—this is for you.
Questions? Interested? Please RSVP at jonipolehna@gmail.com  or call 651-592-6181, Please bring water and a notebook/pen. 

 Classes I Offer

Brain Gym® Introduction 
Keep your brain sharp.  Reduce your stress.  Optimize your health.
Learn how to deal with life's daily challenges with ease and a positive attitude. Discover how YOU shut down under stress and how that impacts your ability to learn, function, perform and be healthy.  You will learn the four easy movements of PACE that reduce stress and open your system for increased health. It's easy, fun and appropriate for everyone—children to seniors. It only takes minutes to use! Dress comfortably and bring a water bottle.  Brain Gym®, created by Paul Dennison, Ph.D., is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Ventura, CA  For more information ww.braingym.org.
I offer this course to small and large groups.

Brain Gym® Movement Class
Learn the 26 Brain Gym® movements that can be used every day to keep your mind sharp.The movements are quick, simple and are designed to improve: focus and attention, self esteem, memory, reading and comprehension skills, math skills and business and athletic performance, to name a few. Participants receive an Easy Reference Chart linking the movements to the enhancement of specific skills for learning, functioning and performing. Pre-requisite: Intro to Brain Gym®. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle


 Here's what class participants are saying:

"Joni is a great teacher.....the class was wonderful"

"The instructor was outstanding, so well organized.  She made everything so clear and easy to understand."

"Very relaxed atmosphere, personal attention.  The explanations were very practical and confidence building."

"We have 25 special education and elementary teachers who have built PACE into their daily schedules to help students reduce stress and get into their optimum pace for learning each day. We've shared the information with parents and they're utilizing PACE with their children at home as well.  Joni also worked individually with several children, and one in particular who has had a lazy eye, re-patterned his eyes to track together. His eyes have worked together for over a year now, and he's making better progress in school.
Todd Kieffer, Principal, Pine Island, MN 

"I had a group of children doing a writing exercise. One child's handwriting was unreadable. We all stopped, got into PACE and continued writing. We were all amazed that the child's writing was now readable!"  Teacher, Lily Lake Elementary, Stillwater, MN 

"You did a great job yesterday."  I really enjoyed it, and the review of all the good things you taught me is really coming in handy.  This morning I am thinking of my procrastinating' foot' and making it get to work now.  Your message was well received by the audience too.  I ended up sitting in the back and could hear and see everything very clearly.    I had not heard you speak before and you are really, really good!!"   Arlette, Retired Educator

"I have been thinking and talking about Brain Gym to everyone I have run into since yesterday! My 10 year old daughter thought it was very interesting and even tried the fingertip technique at her piano lesson yesterday. It worked! She got through a tough measure in her favorite piece and played the whole thing perfectly!"
Kim, workplace seminar participant  

"I was captivated by Joni. She was so interesting; especially in a one-on-one time we had later; wish she could have spoken more with the group and we could have learned more about her skills and gifts."
Retreat participant 

"In tune. Intelligent. Giving. Thoughtful. Practical. Timely. Wouldn't it be great if all of us had her intuitive skills? We are fortunate that she has shared with us so we can take charge of our health!" 
Retreat participant

"Very informative, useful info. that can be used in my daily life. Joni was very knowlegable, interesting and effective.  The movements are very easy to do and remember."
Community Ed. student


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