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Regarding Children

After clearing his reactions to foods with you, our son has been so calm and happy, no more urgent care, no more stomach aches.  In addition, his memory is better and he's far less forgetful in the mornings.  He doesn't even complain when I ask him to do things lately.  The coolest thing is that I swear he is suddenly WAY better on his saxophone.  I'm blown away every time he picks it up!!  I'm really seeing the benefits of the brain balancing work you did.  Thanks for helping!                    Lisa F., St. Paul, MN  

Our daughter, age 10, worked with Joni and the world has opened up for her.  She released whatever was holding her back and my husband and I understand her so much better now, and we're a part of her life again.  She has a new confidence about her and she's so happy.    Anne M., White Bear Lake, MN

We were in the ER once a month when Ben's allergies would turn into asthma. He was on prednisone monthly and missed a lot of school. He's now off all of his asthma meds, attended school every day this spring, is sleeping well, is generally hapier and is more confident.  Ben says,  "I'm not sick anymore!  All of a sudden after seeing you, I felt good.  No more asthma!"                  Rachel B. and Ben, age 7, White Bear Lake, MN 

"I brought my Jr. High daughter to see Joni for help with school difficulties.  After her first session, she began asking for the help and support she needed from us, which was a big issue; and she asked to have another session for some other concerns.  Since her second session, I am pleased to notice that she smiles more often and sounds happier than she's been in a long time.  When I call the house and she answers I can hear in her voice how much happier she is. She notices the improvement, too, and gets herself into PACE everyday because she feels better when she does.  It's nice to have my happy daughter back.Karen B., Stillwater, MN 

My teenage daughter had been having difficulty in school for a couple of years. She didn't like to read or study and some of her behaviors were causing us concern. After one session, she began reading on her own and choosing to read over other activities at times; very unusual for her. As the school year has begun, we're finding it's the best year she's had in school. She came home the other day and showed me a Social Studies quiz—usually her worst subject—where she had 9 of 10 answers correct and a Reading quiz with all 10 correct; and this is in the midst of some difficult family issues happening. We're so happy she's found herself for her school work."     Lisa K., White Bear Lake, MN

This summer our 15 year old was a mess; he was congested and constantly blowing his nose.  We saw Joni about making a smooth transition to a new school, and asked if she could help us figure out what was going on with his sinuses. He tested positive for an allergy to grass; and he had been mowing lawns for his summer job!  She helped him release his allergy and an old belief that he would react to grass. Over the next couple days, his blowing reduced and by day 4, he was breathing clearly and easily all day long.  He continued to mow lawns, play football, and roll around in the grass without any reaction!  It was amazing to witness. It changed his life.  Joni is our hero!           Sarah, Stillwater, MN

Hospital Use 

I have been using Brain-Gym in my therapy practice with CVA (cerebrovascular accident—stroke), mild TBI (traumatic brain injury) and M.S.-like exacerbations.  These patients have responded exceptionally well to this program, with wonderful return to function or significant changes toward function.  Interestingly despite the fact that the pictures and information is being geared toward kids and schools, once a person tries some of the exercises they are usually motivated to continue or learn more because they can feel a difference in their abilities.

Thank you for offering your classes in community ed. so that we can extend the gift to those who've had a medical event affect their life and give them the tools to improve. Leah Vizenor, Occupational Therapist, Lakeview Hospital, Stillwater, MN

College Student 

I worked with Joni to help improve my ability to read and comprehend my college schoolwork…and it worked. She helped me understand how my brain and my body work together; and I now remain more relaxed while I'm reading and studying so I comprehend it all better.  I feel like I have better command of the English language; and my instructor said my last English paper might be the best I've ever done.  It feels great to know I can do it.  Kevin T., Stillwater, MN

School Use 

"My teachers note that they and their students are all really enjoying the brain gym activities. Teachers reported that they participate along with the students, and many classes "remind" the teacher if they forget. Teachers are introducing 4 new activities each day, and they are becoming more automatic for students. We have also added a reminder to our morning announcements each day... "Remember to PACE yourself today."  Teachers appreciate the reminder.  Some have also added this to their "daily schedule" so they remember when they will build these activities in.  All in all, we are doing well with this!"    
  Lynn M. Bormann, Principal, Marine Elementary School

"We have 25 special education and elementary teachers who have built PACE into their daily schedules to help students reduce stress and get into their optimum pace for learning each day. We've shared the information with parents and they're utilizing PACE with their children at home as well.  Joni also worked individually with several children, and one in particular who has had a lazy eye, re-patterned his eyes to track together. His eyes have worked together for over a year now, and he's making better progress in school.
Todd Kieffer, Principal, Pine Island, MN 

"I had a group of children doing a writing exercise. One child's handwriting was unreadable. We all stopped, got into PACE and continued writing. We were all amazed that the child's writing was now readable!"  Teacher, Lily Lake Elementary, Stillwater, MN 

"I have been thinking and talking about Brain Gym to everyone I have run into since yesterday! My 10 year old daughter thought it was very interesting and even tried the fingertip technique at her piano lesson yesterday. It worked! She got through a tough measure in her favorite piece and played the whole thing perfectly!" Kim, workplace seminar participant  

Adult Pain 

"It’s working!!! The balance to release the pain from my ankle was immediate. This balance took a bit longer to kick in; but WOW, I have had a great few days!" Ryan M., Minneapolis, MN

“Since you and I met, I’m working out again, I started grad school, and I’m off the hormones (and the anti- anxiety meds). I’ve been using the techniques you taught me regarding the right brain/left brain thing. It’s TOTALLY helping. I feel so much better, and I thank you for that”     Beth R., Twin Cities, MN

At 2pm my left sciatica started throbbing. It has bothered me on/off for the last several years, so I tried my usual stretching, relaxing, ice pack, ibuprofen...nothing touched it. It was a 5 on a 1-10 scale. About 5pm I reviewed my info from the EFT class you taught, asked myself about what issues might be upsetting me and began to tap on them. First round nothing, but after the second round, the pain simply stopped!!!I was so amazed! Wow, proof that emotions are stored in our bodies...and EFT works! Thanks for having the class. What you do/offer is invaluable. Julie, R., Stillwater, MN

I wasn't able to do my exercise tapes for 2 years due to my back pain. Even my yoga instructor can't believe how much better I am. I can never thank you enough. Mary A. A., River Falls, WI

When I first came to see Joni, the arthritis in my feet was so bad that I couldn't bend my toes to walk down stairs.  I had to walk down stairs flatfooted.  My MD told me it would just get worse.  I needed Motrin to help with the pain.  Initially, I mentally dared Joni to help me; I didn't think I could be helped.  I was surprised after we did a couple things and my one foot felt and moved better.  I said, do it to the other one!  Needless to say, both of my feet bend and move more freely walking and using stairs.  I have not had to use the Motrin for my feet since.   Jean B., Houlton, WI                                                

"I fell and injured my back, I could barely walk.  My M.D. told me to give it 6 weeks to heal.  Joni muscle-checked me to find out what would help and after a few minutes of light stroking on my back muscles, I could bend and twist and walk.  Months later I fell at the gym.  My shoulder went numb and my arm hung limp at my side.  I panicked as I was leaving for a golf trip in two days.  Again, I needed that light muscle technique.  The pain chased around my shoulder for 20 minutes and then it was gone.  It was amazing.  I made the golf trip and played golf 7 hours a day for 10 straight days."                                   Don Bromen, Stillwater, MN  

 I recently went to Joni to release my allergy to wheat.  I had been wheat free for over 10 years because of negative physical reactions to it.   I also found that I had reactions to citrus, coffee, and spruce as well.  We released the reactions and the next day, I decided to try the one food I had missed the most—pizza! After two pieces, I remained symptom free! I'm so used to avoiding wheat; I have to remind myself I can now eat it. I have been blissfully eating many wheat foods that had previously been off limits!  I am able to drink coffee without reactions, and I'm sure that when I carry my Christmas tree into the house this year, I will skip the hives on my arms! Sarah, Stillwater

"I was in a car accident where I was rear ended 12 years ago.  After recovering from the accident, I had recurring pain in my lower back.  Some days were worse than others but often I had a very difficult time getting out of bed and getting up and out of chairs, due to the pain.  It didn't stop me from living or working, but it was a chronic condition that caused me a great deal of discomfort.  I had tried physical therapy treatments and was basically told that I would always have to deal with some degree of pain.  Joni did a couple of easy muscle-stroking techniques across my lower back and the pain subsided.  I have rarely had any trouble with my lower back since."     Pricilla P., Cedar Rapids, IA

"I had terrible pain in my toes and the balls of my feet from working on concrete floors. My M.D. offered surgery.  Through muscle-checking, we found I needed what seemed like light rubbing over the ball of each foot.  I had immediate relief and felt back to normal in a couple days."     Mary S., Stillwater, MN

"Joni worked with me in the hospital immediately after major abdominal surgery.  The nurses couldn't believe how quickly I was up and moving; I went home two days early.  I laughed when my surgeon's mouth dropped open as I jumped up on the exam table for my first post-op visit.  She said nobody moves that easily so early after surgery.  I wish I had dome some of this before surgery, too."                   Jill E., Hastings, MN

"I had five chemo treatments for my second occurrence of breast cancer and my throat was full of sores—couldn't swallow. We balanced my finding my voice to speak up. The next day, my M.D. noted she could see the sores but they were healing. She cancelled my chemo but noted my blood work had changed. My usual hemoglobin was 6-7 (normal range 12-16) and it was at 13. My usual white blood count was 2-6 (normal range 8-10) and it was at 8. The next week, the levels were the same and the sores were gone. My Dr. was amazed when I told her I had seen a holistic healing facilitator. Mary N., Stillwater, MN

"I worked with Joni before abdominal surgery. We released my anxiety about the surgery and one of my friends couldn't believe how calm I was. I was calm even as I was wheeled into surgery. As soon as I came to, I began doing some of the healing techniques Joni showed me and two weeks later I was feeling good enough to resume most of my daily activities. I was pleasantly surprised." Sally, Stillwater, MN

"Since I saw you back in Nov, 2007 I have had no migraines.  I wanted you to know this as I can't tell you enough how much better I am enjoying life without those awful migraines!~ Keep up the good work and thanks."    Julie M., Stillwater,

"I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and recently had an episode. It usually takes me 5-7 days to move out of what I call the "nightmare". It's a long process. However, after we performed the balance process at 10am, I was outside of the dream by 2pm.  That was so amazing. Thank you. People need to know more about what you do." Penny D., White Bear Lake, MN

Personal Success 

"I have been doing much better. I was with my sister yesterday all day and I didn't get upset at all considering she kept telling me which way to drive to the theater. Was a good day, I stayed really calm. My head has not been itchy hardly at all, still losing some hair, but it is less, which is good because that was really getting to me. Still doing PACE and all seems good right now."  Nancy, Stillwater, MN

 "For two days after seeing Joni, my brain was searching for something negative to think about and it couldn't find anything. It was pleasantly strange to have a blank mind after so many years of negative thoughts.  Now, if I find a negative thought, I sub-consciously hear myself say "Jenni, knock it off", and I shift to positive thoughts.  I feel much more in control of my emotions, am more comfortable and accepting of who I am and am even ridding my life of clutter.  My relationships with others feel more loving as well."    Jenni B., Cottage Grove, MN

 "I came to see Joni with a number of issues I wanted to feel better about in my life; from how I felt about myself and my past, to my relationships with others. I've felt as though something had been stuck within me for a long time and I was unable to identify exactly what it was. By working with Joni, I was able to identify and then shift those issues so that I felt differently. I noticed the change immediately before I had even left her office. I'm more calm and peaceful and beginning to trust myself and my decisions like never before. I've taught my daughter's PACE and they're even using it to remain calm in school and at home. It feels so good to know I have control and can make these changes happen for myself and that it is helping my girls deal with their stress as well."       Julie C., Roseville, MN

Now, six months and two visits after my first session, I'm getting impressive, unsolicited feedback on changes others are seeing in me. My massage therapist has commented on how much more relaxed my muscles are, my hairdresser has commented on how much healthier my hair and scalp are and my friends and family have commented on how they think I have a new glow about me. I find it fascinating that the mental release and internal well being I feel has translated into physical responses that others notice."   Julie C., Roseville, MN

"I was captivated by Joni. She was so interesting; especially in a one-on-one time we had later; wish she could have spoken more with the group and we could have learned more about her skills and gifts."   Retreat participant 

"In tune. Intelligent. Giving. Thoughtful. Practical. Timely. Wouldn't it be great if all of us had her intuitive skills? We are fortunate that she has shared with us so we can take charge of our health!"   Retreat participant

"Very informative, useful info. that can be used in my daily life. Joni was very knowledgable, interesting and effective.  The movements are very easy to do and remember."    Community Ed. student

"What a gift it has been to find Joni!  My husband and I jumped ship from the corporate and stay-at-home-mom worlds and bought a business 2 years ago.  We had many unknown limiting beliefs about how and if we could succeed in our new endeavor.  We were struggling in business and in our personal lives as well.  Through Joni's assistance, we uncovered myths such as hours worked = success.  With her guidance we no longer feel the need to be totally involved in all day to day operations.  After identifying exactly what we wanted and getting our DREAM into our system through a balance, we gained clarity and insight easily.  We were able to bring our positive energy to work each day, and no surprise had a record month in sales.  She has given us the faith to hire competent trustworthy employees.  Instead of payroll eating away at our bottom line, our business is ahead of our projected pace and we have guilt-free time away from work for our personal lives.   She has helped us to see and live our lives in balance, harmony, and joy!  Any time that we hear or feel ourselves falling into the trap of thinking that things are hard, confusing, or negative, we know that we can see Joni for a tune up.  These sessions always leave us feeling exhilarated, empowered and positive.  Joni has helped us live our DREAM with the grace, ease and joy that we didn't know was possible.  We are able to run our business, enjoy our family, and pursue our other passions in a way that leaves us all feeling great." Sarah H., Stillwater, MN

'We were talking in a public place and Joni showed me how to get into PACE right there.  I have a lot of stress in my job and vowed I would call her in a month to see what a difference it would make in my life. I called her when I got back to work. All the way there, I felt 10 feet tall and relaxed. It worked immediately! "            Diane W., Stillwater, MN

"I worked with Joni regarding my dog's behavior. I changed my expectations of him—to be calm and cooperative. It took overnight for it to kick in, but the next morning, he was like a new dog. My dog walker left me a note the next day—was this the same dog? He's been very calm and cooperative with her, too."            Joy, New Richmond, WI


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